Sports4Life Spotlights

Josh Fluker

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The Sports4Life Foundation is proud to announce Josh Fluker as our scholarship recipient for the Boys Hockey Sports4Life Scholarship! Thanks to the sacrifices of their parents, Josh and his two siblings are all actively involved in sports programs. With the help of the Sports4Life scholarship, Josh was able to broaden his horizons on an international level by attending the World Selects Invitational in Bolzano, Italy with his team!

A star both on and off the ice, Josh flourishes in his extracurricular activities, academics, and community involvement. Josh recently placed second in the sixth-grade science fair and was nationally recognized in Canada for a poster he created for school safety. In addition to these honors, Josh’s community involvement is very important to him. The young hockey player does road crossing patrols before and after school to ensure the safety of his fellow students, as the school sits near a very busy highway.

Josh enjoys other sports as well, including baseball and track and field. In June of 2017, Josh broke school records in the 100m run, 200m run, 800m run and 1.26m jump. Some of these records were set more than 20 years ago.. In July of 2017, Josh and his baseball team won the their league and earned a spot in the Manitoba Provincial Tournament, where they won a silver medal.

Josh dreams of one day playing professional hockey in the NHL.

Brandon White

Brandon White wanted one thing for his 11th birthday - a chance for other kids to play the sports they love every day. “What I like most about being involved in sports is the competitive and social aspect of them. I get to play with and against my friends in competitions which I find enjoyable.”

Instead of accepting physical gifts for his birthday, Brandon asked all of his friends and family to make a donation to the Sports4Life Foundation. “I am fortunate enough to have the equipment in need to play the sports I love provided to me. I felt that rather than getting things I don’t need for my birthday, I asked people to donate money to those that aren’t as fortunate, but have similar interests as me.”

Having raised over $400 for Sports4Life in just one day, Brandon’s goal is to “make the world a better place by developing a way for money to not be an obstacle in the pursuit of happiness.Sports4life matters to me because they’re a foundation that provides money to kids that have a desire to play sports but are unable to afford it. I don’t think money should be an obstacle, any kid that wants to play sports should have the opportunity to do so.”


Hailey Redders

Hailey Redders 1

Please join the Sports4Life Foundation in congratulating Hailey Redders on receiving the S4L Scholarship! In addition to finishing her high school career as a National Honor Society student, Hailey has also made her mark on girls hockey being named 5x State Champion, 3x National Qualifier, Assistant Captain in 2015, Captain in 2017, Rookie of the Year and First-Team Conference award. In addition to playing hockey, Hailey also spends her time volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank, school blood drives and works as a Certified Nursing Assistant as she pursues her future career interest of nursing.

“The most memorable experience I can think of is committing to the school of my dreams and being able to play the sport I love in college. I want to be a nurse, and going to a private school out of state was insanely expensive. This [Sports4Life] scholarship took the burden off my shoulders and made it possible to live out my dream. I am going to be in the nursing program and playing college hockey. It’s all I could ever ask for.”

I overloaded myself with work, school, athletics, and social life. I play high school softball along with club hockey and I wasn’t going to play this year because I had to work to be able to pay for college. Having this [Sports4Life Scholarship] opportunity, I am now able to play my senior season and not stress myself out as much. I can focus on my studies, and for once have free time for myself. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I am forever grateful to have it.”

Sophie Helfenstein

The Sports4Life Foundation is proud to announce Sophie Helfenstein as the recipient for the Sports4Life Scholarship for Girls Hockey. As a goalie on the Ontario Selects team, Sophie was invited to play in the Girls Ontario Selects - WSI Mont Blanc Region Tournament.

The Sports4Life Scholarship alleviated heavy expenses and allowed Sophie to compete in the tournament and make new friends all around the world. “It’s wonderful we had the opportunity to go, our whole family is grateful [for the Sports4Life Scholarship],” said Mimi DesRosiers, Sophie’s mother.

As a soccer player and gymnast growing up, Sophie’s hockey influence came from watching her two older cousins play. Shortly after, Sophie learned how to skate and become a goalie herself. In fact, the first time she wore goalie equipment was her first game in the position in 2014.

Sophie’s dedication, work ethic and passion not only have given her success on the ice, but off the ice as well. As an A student and volunteer, Sophie has found time to win gold at O.W.H.A Provincials, maintain a 90 average in school and assist her grandmother’s craft group on the weekends.

Sophie loves to travel, experience other countries and meet new people. When the invitation came to participate with the Ontario Selects Team, Sophie and her family could not have been more excited. She couldn't wait to play other countries and see some of the friends shes played with and against that past Spring in Ontario.

Sophie’s goals for the future include getting a scholarship to college for hockey and representing her country Canada, at the Olympics.