Sports4Life Spotlights

Brandon White

Brandon White wanted one thing for his 11th birthday - a chance for other kids to play the sports they love every day. “What I like most about being involved in sports is the competitive and social aspect of them. I get to play with and against my friends in competitions which I find enjoyable.”

Instead of accepting physical gifts for his birthday, Brandon asked all of his friends and family to make a donation to the Sports4Life Foundation. “I am fortunate enough to have the equipment in need to play the sports I love provided to me. I felt that rather than getting things I don’t need for my birthday, I asked people to donate money to those that aren’t as fortunate, but have similar interests as me.”

Having raised over $400 for Sports4Life in just one day, Brandon’s goal is to “make the world a better place by developing a way for money to not be an obstacle in the pursuit of happiness.Sports4life matters to me because they’re a foundation that provides money to kids that have a desire to play sports but are unable to afford it. I don’t think money should be an obstacle, any kid that wants to play sports should have the opportunity to do so.”